Upgraded to WP 3.0.5!

So…its been ages, and migrating this site was one of the first tests I did on the new server. That system has been acting a little screwy lately so I’m wanting to mess around with MY blog and see if I can reproduce the behavior. The performance issues I’m seeing on xxlphotoworks may just be their shitty zenphoto code.


So…noticed that the RSS feeds weren’t working on the Dashboard. A few minutes with Google led me to a post over a year ago about how a missing PHP extension might cause this. Bingo! Fired up YAST and added the PHP5-CURL extension…restarted Apache…and presto! Now I’m not sure what to DO with these RSS feeds but its cool to fix stuff and see the site functioning properly.

In a way this is the ideal way to debug this new stack. Its certainly been a lot more work than OS 10.5 Server…but supposedly this SLES system is “the business”. I just hope its not going to bite me in the ass when I migrate some of our production applications over.

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