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mod_rewrite bug squashed

OK…finally got the mod_rewrite option to play nice in ZenPhoto. Just one little line of code in the vhost conf file for that site! I didn’t see any mention of this anywhere but found a link that suggested the “Options All” directive. I have no idea what that shit means but when I re-ran the […]

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Upgraded to WP 3.0.5!

So…its been ages, and migrating this site was one of the first tests I did on the new server. That system has been acting a little screwy lately so I’m wanting to mess around with MY blog and see if I can reproduce the behavior. The performance issues I’m seeing on xxlphotoworks may just be […]

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Now running on the new server!

Migrated this beyatch to our new server. Hurray! Total PITA to get all of the necessary bits installed to make everything work (phpMyAdmin, etc) but its done. I’m sure I’ll encounter more issues because of various missing bits but so far so good!

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